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Create an Environment for releasing your Brilliance

Create an Environment for releasing your Brilliance When thinking about performance, the first thing that comes to mind is all the amazing athletes around the world, representing their country in the Olympics and other sporting events.  We are not all Olympians though so how does this apply to us?  Well we can learn a lot from these sports men and women, by adapting some of their principles. Of course these amazing athletes have the physical strength to be champions, yet often the brilliance of their mindset goes unnoticed.  They have to be focused on being successful, confident in their...

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7 Tips to Being Authentic in all you do and being happy

7 Tips to Being Authentic in all you do and being happy I am a great believer that we all entered the world as brilliant and powerful beings.  Some of our experiences leave us feeling dis-empowered, as we feel unloved by others, low self-worth, worthless, helpless, confused, hopeless, you don’t feel like yourself and you fall out of love with yourself.  So many clients ask how they can regain their empowerment and my answer always includes one word … AUTHENTICITY!  Being authentic and living in your true authenticity enables you to have a renewed self-awareness and self-knowledge.  Everything we...

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Believe in the Power of YOU!

Sometimes we can climb any mountain in any weather! WOW, what a ride ….. Sometimes we have to take risks to find out success! Over the last 6 months, I have taken so many risks, however the more risks I take, the greater success there is. It’s a brilliant feeling knowing that your journey is rocky and you still find your brilliance. I am 5 days away from my first ever Joint Venture Partnership to continue on this growth of success, check out the link for Brilliance Week on my website for more information on how you can get...

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